Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Memory #1--Cat Nerd Boyd

So, I have decided to write down some random memories, not to bore people who read this, but mainly so I can remember them.

While living in Orangeville a couple years ago, Kimberlyn got a new cat, Boyd. He is a beautiful thing as far as cats go and very friendly, but he has a problem. HE IS A CAT NERD. I didn't know they existed until I got this cat. I guess the hierarchy of social chains applies to the cat world too.
Anyway, I was taking my walk with Kimber one day and sweet Boyd followed us the entire way down to the end of our subdivision. Pretty soon, the "cool" cat decided to chase him. He was under the car then very quickly up the tree where this "cool" cat decided to fall asleep and Boyd would not get down.
Now, thinking that cats are resourceful and that he would eventually come down and find his way home, I didn't worry for about the first 8 hours poor Boydy-Boyd was missing. However, as night fell and Kimbers was crying for her cat, Jarett had recently arrived home. So, like the parents we thought we would never be, we got in our car and began looking. At this point, at least another hour had passed.
But, we found Boyd. STILL up in the tree and no "cool" cat around. We meowed, we called, "here kitty, kitty," and even threw stuff at him, but he wouldn't budge.
Jarett being the manly man that he is quickly returned home and got his air soft gun and began shooting our cat. Now, flashback, remember that we are a mile from home, standing in a random person's yard shooting an air soft gun at a tree with a cat in it. Pretty soon a neighbor came out and wanted to know what we were doing. At the last second, Jarett got off one more shot, Boyd actually jumped down into his arms and Jarett proclaimed, "Just gettin' my cat!" Kimber screamed out of pure enjoyment.
Ever since then, whenever Boyd leaves are yard, he is promptly put into place by the other "cool" cats and has not wandered far since. And we still tell Kimberlyn, "Cat nerd Boyd needs food!"

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